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What a busy 20 weeks

Thisisit…. My plan was to write a weekly blog on my summersampler2016 quilt. A block a week for 20 weeks.  I did the first week which was great.  The summpersampler2016 (by Freshly pieced  and friends) has now finished and it is time for everyone to start putting their blocks together. Even though I failed to do… Continue reading What a busy 20 weeks

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Times they are a changing…

Thisisit…  I had planned a stress free, sun basking weekend with a family, went out with my parents on Friday for Dinner – lovely. Sunday with husband’s clan having a family BBQ, what better. Although there is a saying that  things come in 3’s 1.Yesterday at work I was informed that a job I am currently… Continue reading Times they are a changing…


Friends – a new adventure

Thisisit….I have been celebrating birthdays with friends for many years (and I have celebrated many). I have the photographs and memories to prove the wild nights  from fancy dress, to nightclubbing, meals, drinking, weekends away, time with family and have had lots of laughs and fun. Friends come and go but there are always friends… Continue reading Friends – a new adventure


Summer sampler 2016 – I’ve arrived! (Part 1)

thisisit…. I have officially started my first quilt-a-long (QAL) Summersampler 2016 which is made up of 20 blocks designed by freshly pieced and 9 other amazing designers. I am so excited that I want to tell everyone what I am doing and how great it is going to be.  When I actually think about it this… Continue reading Summer sampler 2016 – I’ve arrived! (Part 1)

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Am I a Quilter?

For those people in my life who really know me, if asked “tell me something about Michelle”. I am sure quite a few of them would say “she quilts”. I love sewing,but more importantly quilting and obviously what comes with quilting is buying fabric, looking at Instagram and admiring others creations and continually trying to… Continue reading Am I a Quilter?

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Do I have time before Dinner?

Thisisit…..  I had just put the evening meal on and it was going to take about 35 minutes.  Did I have Time?  would I remember to keep check on the dinner, what mess would I make.  Did I care, no I did not. I had sewing to do. I had found this blog, Polkadotchair a… Continue reading Do I have time before Dinner?

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Do you see what I see

Thisisit… I can quilt, I can sew, but I am still learning. I wanted to add lines to a panelled quilt and was unsure of what to add.   After watching a wonky star tutorial (Missouri star quilt co), I decided I would make some. I love them as quirky as they are, so cut… Continue reading Do you see what I see